About Us

We started as a B2B company in 2012 dedicated to forming “quick networks” (hence the name) between a Brand and its Customers via a mix of distribution through traditional channels and new-age medium like E-commerce, Tele-shopping etc. Early category specialisation was in Sports Footwear and Sports Apparel. From simply being a bridge between premium brands and its customers Qplexus B2B soon introduced other Manufacturers/SME’s products to its customers. We also expanded into other categories. In 2015 Qplexus B2B introduced the offline market place model. All of these initiatives resulted in rapid growth. Growth brought its own set of challenges namely managing scale efficiently and ensuring exemplary customer service. Hence in 2016 we decided to change gears, automate business processes, test and launch own B2B E-commerce platform to ensure a seamless supply chain and above all delight our customers. Customer delight is not a stop but a never-ending endeavour. We believe our journey has just started.

In course of our journey we also diversified in other areas like Sports Marketing, Technology and Business Incubation. These other division apart from being independent profit centres help to augment the main business of B2B.

All four divisions of Qplexus are run independently by domain experts. The team comprises of a group of corporate professionals having a cumulative experience of more than 100 years across sectors like Sports, Fitness, Technology, Banking, Insurance, Retail, FMCG, Consultancy and Textile. This team of 35 dedicated and passionate individuals from diverse background has helped in creating exponential growth for Qplexus.

At Qplexus, we listen very carefully to our Business Partners, Customers and Consumers so that we can understand, deliver and make a difference. We strongly believe that our success is best reflected through the success of the people, businesses and brands in our network.